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* Your personal informations are protected and stay confidential, we only use your email or phone number to contact you regarding your orders or to inform you of our discount offers and new services.

*You might be asked to provide your personal documents for identity and payement informations verification, your personnal documents are protected and will be communicated to your payement company in case we have a problem with one of your payements.

Order process :

  • Make sure you fill in your informations correctly.
  • The character name in game that you fill in on your command is the name witch will receive the order in game, make sure to fill it correctly.

Delivery in game :

  • Once your order is placed, go to the tracking order page to confirm your name in game : tracking order
  • Once confirmed, our delivery man will contact you directly in the game to deliver you with a simple exchange.
  • If the stock is not available, your delivery can take between few minutes and 24h, you will be informed by Email.

Refund :

  • In case we exceed 24 hours of restocking waiting, we will offer a total refund of your order, if you accept, we refund you, if you decide to wait more, than we will try to prepare your stock in the most short time possible (you keep the refund option at any time)


If you receive a message like "Give Me back Gold I forgot to badge it" or any other message asking you to return your Gold, never give your Gold to anyone, even if he tells you that he is part of our website or any other arguments !, they are scammers who create fake accounts with names similar to our deliverymen, beware of them! 

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